The look Back….. Flash Fiction.

“Stacy don’t do it…..” Carls voice trails off into oblivion as I put my foot on the first step.

“I’m telling you Stace…” By now his voice is fading. I’m on the fourth step of many, I wasn’t listening when Mr Bright and Sunny was running through his speil.

Carl is becoming smaller ,although if I’m truthful I’m not looking down. By the time I’m at the top,on the small shaky platform, Carl is just a dot.

Ms Happy tightens the harness.  I look back just before I step off the edge and smile. It’s time to go Carl.



this morning we’ve had the annual conversation which goes something like this……

Me: when are we getting the tree?

H: Not until you’ve tidied up/made space for it.

Me: ok no worries I’ll get one.

H: …….…….

This convo is repeated, quite often it gets vocal, with a few Irish expletives thrown in.

However, the good thing about the conversation today has been that I’ve sorted through a pile of CDs (and found Michael Bubles Christmas CD (the Puppini Sisters really step this cd up a notch).  I also confronted my huge pile of Decorating Magazines (posh title, glossy expensive, translates to she/her). These have been my personal art installation getting on for 10 years now, and mighty fine they looked. Most are now  on their way to the recycling centre. Why? you may ask. Well I flipped through  them and yes the featured homes are all beautiful, interesting, statement homes, however, the articles  are mostly subliminal adverts. And the products they sell are way beyond the purse of many people.

In hindsight what a waste of money!

The other upside (Mr Buble being the 1st) was that I found a back copy of Huck Magazine, which is totally the opposite to she/her and perhaps far more relevant. Of the 98 pages just 4 are set aside for advertising. I’d rather pay more for less/no advertising (womankind mag gets a thumbs up here). I hate the intrusion of adverts, of commercialism into something that should be relaxing, informative, inspiring and motivating. Many  Magazines seem to be fuelling dis-satisfaction in a world which is fragmented and losing track of it’s purpose.

Hopefully the recycled  pulp of glossy magazines will be used to create something useful for everyone.




So enjoying my new job. It’s given me some headspace and allowed me to chuck out the stuff that was toxic from my old job….Anyways heres a list of  great tunes (some nicked from fellow bloggers.. )

Gabor Szabo – Dreams

E2-E4  – Manuel Gottsching

Labi siffre  – I Got The

Faran Ensemble – Amazing Oriental Music

Oceanvs Orientalis – Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen remix)

Bedouin – Hologram

Enjoy, one love.




and why it’s important to keep om movin’,  bend like a child or dance like no one is watching you.

I may have mentioned sometime ago that  I stopped my yoga practise for a few years due to a neck injury (soft tissue but still debilitating).

I may also have mentioned that the practice I needed eventually found me.

Today the was the final step in my rehabilitation. A one and a half hour floor practice, which, together with practises from the previous 8 months or so has returned my back and neck to full pre injury mobility.

Yay! Thank God for Yoga……….

Humans need to move. The best place to start is with your feet. No socks. Roll a tennis ball around. Pick things up with your toes. Walk  barefoot. Walk on uneven surfaces. Make a pebble tray to stand barefoot on. Separate your toes. Point your toes. Reverse the point so that you’re pulling your toes back towards your shins. Scrunch your toes up. Stand up. Roll your bare feet around (from the hips so your leg is also engaged) first your right foot then your left. Rise on to the balls of your feet. Then back onto the ball of your heel.

Move your feet, bare feet, every day. Make it part of your day not just something you do for 5 or ten  minutes…….. Wake your feet up.

It’s finally ..

the week-end,  following a week where almost everything in my life has been turned on it’s head (in a positive way) I have time to breathe and write and relax.

For some time I’ve hinted on here that my job is not the best, that what was once a technical job has quickly gone down hill due to  the department head having zero knowledge of the job at hand.

Their bravado comments of ‘if you don’t like it, you can leave’ is working on a grand scale, which no one really wants to see, but if you treat your staff like a commodity what do you expect.

…..I will start my new role on Monday. Perhaps the quickest inter-business transfer ever undertaken, with no intervention from me I should add…….

Over the winter months running can be hit and miss. Weather and Christmas being the main contributors. And finding a maintenance plan can be almost impossible. The best advice I’ve found so far  is to ‘re-visit your existing plan and just run the first 2 or 3 weeks on a loop’.  I’ve also read that  your plan needs only to consist of  3 or  4  x 30 mins runs per week, and,  ‘if you’re hitting 2 miles on every run your cardio will be maintained’. Also as an addition to the run  I now stop at the outside gym and hang/swing on the monkey Bars for a couple (literally) of seconds.

Yoga is ratcheting up a notch or two. Each session mixes classic Hatha Asanas with a workshop on bio-mechanics. Hard work but leaves your body feeling as though it’s alive. (as opposed to feeling as though you’re dragging a sack of coal around with you).

And finally…..

Billy Monger……For those of you who have never heard of this young man, he is the Formula 3 racing driver who is a double below the knee amputee following an horrific accident when he was in Formual 4 . This week BBC IIIi aired a programme about him on BBC2. If you missed it I would suggest you watch it on IPlayer. An inspiration for all of us…….








running. I have about 5mins to put together a quick piece (which may well miss out some important technical  stuff so forgive me)  as to why you should consider ditching your runners and buying a minimal trainer to adopt a more natural and easier way of running.

I have always run in a pair of cheap trainers, light weight fairly flat nothing special . And I’ve always had a slightly forward foot strike. They fell apart (toe holes and the grip wore away on the bottom. Everyone said they were bad for my feet, Achilles, hips, spine. I up graded to a pair of fancy schmancy  dazzlers. After their first proper outing my Achilles started playing up (return of an old childhood injury I had long put to bed). Then my knee.

The only other shoes I had were a pair of water shoes. I ended up wearing these for a trial run.

My gait changed from midfoot then heel strike (the fancy schmancy way to run)  to outer upper foot/roll/ soft heel strike (later  I found out this is the way barefoot operates) immediately I noticed my knees where not taking the force of he run, this had now moved to my calves. It felt good. After a few sessions in these shoes I  noticed  I didn’t get out of breath, and my speed increased without me trying.

I did some research and basically everything I did  without trying is on spot with Barefoot.  Anyone else run barefoot/minimal show? anyone interested in giving it go? Let me know in the comments below how you get on.

Random thoughts…

I was going to write a piece about minimalist and barefoot running, but then  read Austin Kleons Blog and was prompted to go off on a completely different tangent, which is a good idea as this gets your brain processing in different ways.

Austin published small scrapbook piece about dropping your phone and the inevitable mosaic screen versus dropping your paper journal (even if you drop it somewhere grotty…like a compost toilet). One you lose everything, the other you can salvage.

So this is my take on this theme and yes its scrapbook size….

For Christmas 2010  I was given an  iPod.  About 3 weeks ago I updated some apps on my android phone and started using that platform for social networking, I don’t use my phone  for music or notes or journaling because I  really don’t buy into the google lifestyle. I put my iPod somewhere safe and now I cant remember where safe is. Years of photos, notes and my apple playlist, for the present time vanished……………